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Why DenAir


The use of a DenAir system can eliminate cross contamination with patients by transporting the instruments for decontamination in a swift and contained manner to the appointed area.

The Benefits  

DenAir systems meet the essential and best practice requirements of HTM01- 05 and the Scottish Health Planning Note 13 part 2.

DenAir systems rapidly transfer instruments to decontamination areas providing Practices with valuable extra time to cater for patient needs and may create extra capacity.

DenAir systems are quick and easy to install with minimal disruption to your day to day operations.

DenAir systems are modular and generally allow for easy expansion and alteration.

DenAir systems help to minimise Health and Safety issues of carrying trays through public areas and up and down stairs.

DenAir systems are HTM 2009 (NHS Memorandum) compliant.

DenAir systems avoid the need for carrying contaminated instruments through public areas.


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